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Private developers – Buy

Private Developers – Buy

We are able to source properties or whole portfolios for investors looking to purchase.

Property remains an attract investment opportunity for private developers and we are very experienced in sourcing suitable properties to add to your portfolio. We are able to offer our experience and knowledge to guide you through the purchase.

Our financial appraisal service is particularly favoured by developers. We can carry out full option appraisals setting out how yields and or density can be improved. We can also advise on improvement works or remodelling of properties to further add value to your investment.

Our investor clients also benefit from our property management service should this be required. We offer leasehold, asset and tenancy management services all designed to maintain and add to the value of your portfolio.

The current UK property market is experiencing challenging times  with pressure on  supply and increasing acquisition costs  so please do ask us for our opinion on any investment options.

BMAPG and Henley Healthcare Investments

BMAPG is working with Henley to source property across the UK. BMAPG will then provide letting and management services to consolidate Henley’s initial investment for the future.

Financial Appraisal

Financial Appraisal

Our financial appraisal service is particularly popular. We can recommend changes to the property’s layout to maximise the number of flats in a block, for example, and can also identify the best tenant demographics to target.
Asset management

Asset management

Our asset management service allows BMAPG to provide a full review of your assets to fully analyse the value of your portfolio. We will be able to work alongside staff to review and analyse areas in which we could increase yield and revenue.


Our consultants can carry out a thorough and objective review of your business, providing you with a blueprint for raising service standards or increasing profit. We can integrate within teams to devleop new business strategies, identify key business drivers, identifying and mitigating against any risks or inefficiencies that negatively impact on performance.